We are currently accepting Men's & Women's designer apparel, bags, shoes & accessories from anywhere in the United States.  Your consignment price will be negotiated per item, determined by style, condition, original price, age and demand.  

Thank you for your interest in My Luxury Trash designer consignment online boutique! Consigning with me is 3 easy steps...

1. Send me a picture/info of the item you would like to consign so that we may agree on a price to list! (ie original price, year, if you have original boxes, authenticity cards or any information that would be helpful in determining a price)

2. Ship the product to me so that I may upload it to the www.MyLuxuryTrash.com site!

3. Once sold I will send you a cashiers check of 70% of the sale within 10 days (it usually takes less than that).

*FYI... Most consignment stores only give you 40% of the sell! So consigning with My Luxury Trash is a WIN!

*I ask for a grace period of 90 days but you can have your product back at anytime you wish!

Thank you so much for the inquiry!